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Meet Gauntlet – the cyber security exercise platform we’ve built that enables exercises to be designed, executed, and evaluated by you! Gauntlet means you can conduct meaningful exercises quickly and efficiently, and conduct them on-demand.

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Simple and quick

Design and conduct exercises with ease and get them running in minutes.


Pre-built scenarios

Leverage a growing list of pre-built scenarios based on real world incidents.



Conduct tabletops, functional hands-on exercises, or a mix of both.



Motivate staff to keep ready by introducing individual and team achievements.

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Interested in exercises but not sure where to start?

The experts at Retrospect Labs can help your organisation benefit from cyber security exercises.

We can create custom scenarios to test specific objectives. Your exercise can be as complex or as simplistic as you need it to be.


Trusted by organisations that deliver critical services

Have the confidence to respond
effectively to any incident

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