Being prepared is the key to managing cyber threats

Retrospect Labs specialises in delivering realistic cyber security exercises for organisations to truly understand their readiness

How we do it

Cyber security exercises are simulated scenarios designed to test an organisation's ability to respond effectively.
To build exercises, our approach consists of the following three phases:

1. Design

We understand what outcomes you want and design scenarios to achieve them. From strategic tabletops with the leadership to technical situations involving computer forensics and malware analysis, we will develop the components and story needed to build your exercise.

2. Execute

When the scheduled time arrives, we will deliver your exercise as designed, adapting where necessary. We will facilitate, ask hard probing questions, accurately play key third party roles, and ensure your exercise stays on track and on point.

3. Review

What went well and what didn't - we capture these in detail. The validation of existing controls, identification of capability gaps, and an honest assessment of your cyber security maturity are just some of the insights we can reveal, making it possible to act on.

Our focus is to bring the most valuable outcomes by delivering world-class exercises but we also have other diverse and mature capabilities on offer. Take a look!

We are Retrospect Labs

We are at the coal face. Our team have collectively responded to hundreds of incidents affecting Australia’s most critical organisations. We are building the tools and curating the knowledge to enable organisations to manage the ever-evolving threats.

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